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Change & Talent Management

Client produces industrial machinery with revenues of 4 billion EUR. Due to a restructuring effort of a business unit, a new set of management competencies was required. Our client has chosen surround-view to make employees aware of those new competencies. Another goal was to drive new people development within the organization.

The employee community’s strong engineering mindset necessitated a feedback tool and a process that is built on facts and figures as well as data security to gain acceptance and trust. HR therefore relied on strong accompanying communications measures to support surround-view’s roll-out. Thus, HR ensured all potential concerns were addressed properly.

The change management process facilitated by surround-view is based on a number of pre-scheduled feedback cycles over a period of 24 months. Hereby, the HR team uses surround-view’s analytics capabilities to track the impact and success of its efforts and thus benchmark progress achieved against the new competency model.

The BU leader and HR are excited to

  • reach a large number of employees and managers,
  • quantify change management success,
  • build required competencies and
  • establish a feedback culture

with a single innovative tool and with comparatively low effort.

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