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Fashion Retail

Customer Orientation and Agility

The client is a leading high-end fashion retail brand with 5,500 employees and 11 retail outlets all over Germany. Firming up their edge over the competition, management has decided to continuously develop the organization towards greater agility and stronger customer service orientation. Feedback and establishing a feedback culture across all levels of the company is deemed to be an essential component of this transformation and continuous learning process.

Surround-view was first piloted by the executive team and gradually rolled out to tier-two managers, then all managers and as a next step to all employees. The unique concept of surround-view gained Workers’ Council’s support of the initiative and helped to promote openness and a positive attitude towards change among employees.

As people came to realize the benefits of providing and receiving feedback, and the resulting personal development recommendations, initial reservations were pushed aside quickly. Surround-view achieves compliance and participation rates well above 80%. The degree of surround-view’s acceptance could not be better emphasized than by the fact that high level executives share their feedback results openly with existing and new team members.

Contributing factors to this success certainly have been the strong data protection provisions of surround-view as they helped building trust, the fact that providing valuable feedback can literally be done in a matter of minutes and the strong HR Analytics features that turn data into knowledge.

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