Talent Management starts with Talent Identification and Development
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Energy Supplier


The customer is a globally active company with more than 40,000 employees and total revenue of more than 35 billion. Due to a transatlantic merger, there arose a necessity to identify and develop the future leaders on the basis of a common set of values and competencies. surround-view is considered to be the tool of choice. Prime criteria included the easy customizability of the tool, with the ability to use one’s own competency model as the basis for feedback as well as the functional and immediate exploitation of the results. Due to the intuitive design of surround-view, the tool is also widely accepted and used by the generations beyond the “digital natives”.

The company decided to gradually implement the tool from the “top down”. First, the highest in the hierarchy started a feedback cycle. After the successful completion of the cycle, the next level in the chain of command was included in the subsequent feedback period. surround-view is combined with psychometric methods as well as targeting individualized coaching as a follow up on the results.

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