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Training and Return on Education

Another client is a Japanese company with an international footprint. The producer of bearings and steering technology conducts management trainings on a very regular basis. To increase return on education through stronger learning transfer, the client uses the surround-view feedback tool before, during and after these trainings.

At this client, surround-view replaced a traditional online 360 tool for the company found that real-time feedback as well as more intense reflection during the feedback supports the learning process better. Also, the surround-view feedback app is so easy to use that additional certification for users or power users is not required which leads to a lower price.

Several groups of program participants were enabled to reflect their day-to-day management behavior before the management training as well as after the training program. Also, they compared the feedback from their business environment with the feedback from fellow participants during the training.

HR is now in the process of measuring the impact of the management training on behavioral performance by comparing the pre-training feedback with several post training feedbacks.

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