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Remote Leadership

Find out about your remote leadership skills. We support you with a free subscription of our surround-view feedback app for two weeks. The subscription terminates automatically.

Leading a team in a 100% virtual setting is a challenge for everyone. What does your team think about your remote leadership skills?  How can you improve? Compare your self-insights with the anonymous view of others.

Key roles of a remote leader include …


Remote Coach


Support your team with individual and peer development, show empathy and provide regular feedback.

Tech enthusiast

Use appropriate tools for virtual collaboration and enable your team to do so. Show your ”digital readiness”.



Virtual Facilitator

Take time for social e-gathering, encourage participants to also voice critical opinions, show authentic interest in their mood.


Set clear goals and rules for virtual collaboration and show extensive trust by providing more decision-making responsibilities.




Encourage the team to reach out for support, provide more frequent and detailed information and keep people connected to other units.

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