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Leadership Development

About This Project

The client is a global US chemical company with revenues exceeding 5.4 B USD in 2016. The global leadership team of one of its business units decided to build a learning organization by bolstering a mature feedback culture and an open mindset for sharing of feedback.


It was important to the client to use their company specific competencies as the basis for feedback and the existing training catalog to provide development recommendations to each feedback receiver. This setup, including user administration, was done in surround-view in a few hours only.


Upper management piloted surround-view and experienced it as an easy to use and very beneficial tool. Its offline capabilities enabled them to answer feedback requests even on airplanes or trains, thus supporting an efficient use of their time. Surround-view’s meaningful analytics results and reports exceeded expectations, leading to further deployment within the BU and plans to go beyond. Compliance and participation rates are above 80%, thus being far higher than traditional feedback tools.

Client Tags

Leadership, offline use, customization, development

Chemical Industry